To be or not to be…happy that is.

I’ve known I was going to launch this blog for awhile. It’s been marinating in my brain. What exactly should it be? What do I want it to be? What’s the purpose? Is it my own little self absorbed project or could this really truly turn into a business; being a professional blogger that is […]

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    Simple Chicken Gyros

    ****Warning – we ate these so fast there was no time for nice photos. I snapped a quick one when I made the single left over for lunch! **** I went the farmers market the other day – These last couple of weeks before they close for the season is the best time to get what’s […]

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  • The Best Banana Blueberry Bread. EVER.

    I made this for a couple of friends who came over this summer. I told them if they would help me weed the garden the payoff would be amazing. So I made this and some really awesome cocktails ( more on that another time). We ate the entire loaf. What I love about this bread […]

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